Next Day

  • Delivery before 17:30
  • Upgrades available
  • Secure packaging
  • Collection

Useful Numbers

General Enquiries:
01270 252512


For a more cost effective solution, our overnight logistics package offers a host of timed Next Day deliveries throughout the UK mainland and worldwide.

Based on the weight or volume of your consignment, guaranteed deliveries can be requested from our Next day service, which will be delivered to their destination before 17:30. Time critical deliveries can be upgraded to 09:00, 10:30 or 12:00. We can transport pallets up to a maximum of 1250kg across all of our available services.

Small parcels and envelopes will be placed in waterproof security bags and bar-coded by our trained warehouse operatives before being dispatched into our distribution network. Larger parcels will be checked and extra packing added for security where appropriate. These shipments can be tracked and proof of delivery can be obtained from the NLH website.

Collections from the UK mainland can be easily requested and either returned to your offices or distributed to a third party.

For heavier Next Day deliveries, we recommend our overnight pallet service, delivering securely door to door.

Our service partners now have over 100 depots throughout the UK. The product range includes letter packs, data bags and parcel service.
We pride ourselves on building a good relationship with our clients and in most cases are able to tailor our services to suit your business needs. You may be looking for alternative delivery options, more reliable service or new competitive rates, whatever you are looking for we are here to help. We are confident we can provide you with an excellent quality service, utilising the very latest industry technology, allowing consignment tracking and proof of delivery information.

We believe we can be of service to you. Please contact us with your requirements and give us the opportunity to provide you with a very competitive quote.


Here at NLH we are committed to protecting the environment and reducing our carbon footprint. We feel that by taking steps to protect the planet, our actions will in turn encourage our customers and competitors to do the same.

Environmental Policy:

  • Each years "green" efforts are outlined in a formal Environmental & Sustainability Policy
  • Environmentally friendly purchasing of all products and services
  • Reduction of water usage

Reducing / Offsetting Carbon Emissions:

  • Yearly planting of broadleaf trees, in association with Greenspaces South Cheshire CIC
  • Streamlined trailers to increase fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions
    Modern fleet, utilising fuel efficient engines that reduce carbon emissions

Waste management:

  • Recycle cardboard and polythene at our on site balers
  • Recycle all office waste paper and office consumables

Delivery Miles:

  • Consultancy to maximise efficiencies within the product transport cycle, in order to reduce delivery miles.
  • Environmental education and motivation of employees to be environmentally friendly
  • Considerate usage of resources when travelling

CO2 Reductions:

  • Out of 17 HGV’S 15 are Euro 5
  • Out of 37 non HGV’S 29 are Euro 5
  • 82% of our vehicles are Euro 5 or Euro 5 + from January 2014 all vehicles entering London will need to be Euro 5. We made the decision in 2010 to commence upgrade of fleet to ensure we are best placed for future work and can meet customer requirements.

Same Day

When time is running out, and your urgent consignments are just too important to wait

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